Asbestos in Soils

Asbestos can be found buried in soil, made ground, aggregate and spoil, especially on ‘brownfield’ sites.
It can be much more difficult to spot and identify than in a building as it will probably be degraded, but not properly assessing the risks can lead to exposing workers, neighbours and the general public to airborne asbestos fibres. 
The asbestos may have been introduced and buried during historic demolition of buildings, general industrial use or even fly-tipping.
All the regulations contained within The Control of Asbestos 2012 relating to asbestos in buildings also apply to asbestos in soils, and may be enforced by the Environment Agency as well as HSE.

M&W can help you to:

• Carry out a Preliminary Risk Assessment by consulting historical site records and undertaking a site walk-through
• Where the preliminary investigation finds there is a reasonable risk of buried asbestos, we can conduct a depth survey to further investigate the site by representative sampling
• Devise plans for remediation or disposal of contaminated soil 
• Procuring skilled resources and overseeing remediation / disposal work

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