Asbestos Consultancy

The statutory regulations and guidance governing asbestos in the built environment are complex, and our experienced consultants can help you to find compliant solutions to your asbestos problems. Our consultants belong to the Faculty of Asbestos Assessment & Management (FAAM) run by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), and are required to undertake Continual Professional Development as a matter of course. As they also abide by the Faculty’s strict Code of Ethics you can rest assured that you are being advised by a consultant who is abreast of the most recent industry developments, and who will act in your best interests.

Asbestos Portfolio Management

M&W has great experience in looking after major portfolio clients including some of the UK’s best known brands, and has invested in market leading software and online hosting solutions to make asbestos registers and survey reports available to clients and their contractors from anywhere in the world. We would be pleased to demonstrate what we can do for you.

We can provide ‘cradle to grave’ asbestos management services from assessing the asbestos risks and liabilities in property acquisition, managing asbestos material during the maintenance and refurbishment phases, right through to property disposal at the end of its life cycle.

We understand the need for timely, accurate information delivered on demand, as well as being readily available to respond to situations as they arise.

We work across all industry sectors, for clients large and small, and are proud to be effective, efficient and fast. We believe in developing long-term relationships which are built on trust.

Compliance Audits

Portfolio clients will own and maintain a significant number of properties, and probably have surveys for most of them. If the surveys have been carried out over a protracted period some of them may not comply with the latest regulations or guidance, or may have been carried out by several different surveying contractors with slightly different surveying or reporting methods. In these cases we can audit those surveys to ensure they are still compliant, or to check the quality and consistency of the findings.

We genuinely believe in a partnership approach, looking at your properties and the challenges of fully implementing the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 from your perspective. We will help you navigate the many regulations with their associated codes of practice (ACoP’s) and issued guidance, and ensure you stay compliant. Our consultants are readily available and you will have direct mobile phone numbers to stay in touch.

Asbestos Removal

When asbestos needs to be removed it is essential to find a specialist contractor, usually licensed by the HSE, to deliver a safe and timely project, and M&W’s consultants can help you:• Write a job specification before inviting tenders so it is clear exactly what work is required

  • Where required provide the names of reputable licensed removal companies
  • Review tenders received so you are confident that you have truly comparative quotations
  • Review the appointed contractor’s ‘Plan Of Work’ and other critical documentation to ensure the planning meets your requirements and complies with the control regulations
  • Attend site during the removal work to carry out audits on the remover providing an expert eye on the project, working on the client’s behalf
  • Oversee the independent clearance of removal enclosures to ensure they are safe to re-occupy

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